Simon Walter


I have always wanted to run my own business having seen my dad run his successful printing business until he was bought out and retired in his early 50s.

I have always looked to better myself and have constantly been training in various areas. I completed my Business Management Degree at Manchester University that gave me a broad knowledge of running businesses and touched on all areas. We personally invest thousands of pounds a year on our own personal development, mastermind group and business consultant.

I am currently a Director of Rhino Safety Limited, a Director of Roar Business Coaching Limited, I am on the committee for the Nantwich Food Festival and I am a Peer Review Panel Member for the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

Cate and I have been running businesses for a decade. We went from being minority partners in an LLP that was put into liquidation by the other partners and being put through a very emotional administration. To setting up our own business and winning Start-up of the year award after 6 months via our local Chamber of Commerce and turning over in excess of £100,000 within our first 12 months.

We have now grown Rhino Safety Limited to seven staff with a turnover of £250,000 after 3 years and have won a further 2 Chamber of Commerce Awards.

We feel we have been through the whole range of ups and downs that can be thrown at a business owner. We now want to help other like-minded people as we know how difficult and lonely the journey can be.

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Cate Walter


I am one of those people who, when asked what I ‘do’, will often have a confused look on my face, followed by lots of sentences starting with “I also…”…

I started my career following the path of my degree in Primary Education, but I quickly discovered that whilst I loved the ‘teaching’ element of being a teacher, I wasn’t as enamoured with the politics of education. I then gained my post-graduate certificate in Employment Law, Relations and Practice, and practiced as an outsourced HR consultant for nearly a decade. Between that experience, being a Partner of the organisation, and now the Director of my own two businesses; I feel like I have seen pretty much every scenario an SME could face!

Now, I tend to think of myself as a semi-professional juggler; mum of two young daughters (and two very spoiled rescue dogs!), Director of 2 businesses with Simon, Governor at our daughters’ school, Associate Lecturer, speaker at various events, champion of flexible working for all! I say semi-professional because some days I feel I can handle anything thrown at me, and other days I drop a lot of balls; I think many business owners feel the same way.

I want to help other business owners not just because I’ve BEEN there, but because I AM there. No matter what size your business is, or whatever your turnover, business owners are all facing the same issues and challenges, just at varying degrees of scale.

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