What’s Included In

Roar Business Coaching?

Roar Business Coaching will provide:

 Initial 2-hour private deep-dive coaching session; set out biggest challenges, goal setting, and short-, mid- and long-terms plans.

 Monthly syndicate meetup, 9am-3pm, with other like-minded business owners, at prestigious venue with lunch and refreshments included, and expert guest speaker for one hour, and peer-led review of current issues and successes.

 Unlimited access to other members and facilitators via the private Facebook group, with high quality content

 Recordings of the expert guest speaker sessions.

 Private progress review at 6 months.

 Access to our suite of online business development training courses, including;


•Facebook for Business •LinkedIn for Business •Twitter for Business •Social Media for Business •Search Engine Optimisation for Business •Data Protection in the Workplace •Conflict Resolution in the Workplace •Equality, Diversity & Discrimination •Stress Management •Time Management •Presentation Skills

•Leadership Skills •Negotiation •Project Management •Customer Service •Disciplinary Procedures •Anti-Harassment & Bullying •Effective Delegation •The Principles of Performance Management •Developing Teamwork •Sales Skills •Objective Setting

 Access to a wealth of peer-reviewed personal- and business-development literature, audiobooks, podcasts, films, workbooks and websites.

This is how the above will benefit you and your business:

📝 Accountability; there is lots of evidence to show that people who write down specific, defined goals are more likely to achieve them. What you might not be aware of is that the evidence also shows the likelihood of achievement increases significantly if those goals are shared with accountability partners. It is the same psychology that weight-loss groups use; if you know you will be facing your peers who have been cheering you on, you are far more motivated to take the necessary actions. To quote Steven Covey; “Accountability breeds Response (ability)”.

 Peer support from like-minded business people who have been through or even are going through similar situations. Instant, invaluable support network when you need advice, an objective set of eyes, or just to know you’re not the only one going through something!

Access to experts across a range of business topics.

📆 Dedicated time to work ON your business instead of IN your business; laser-sharp focus on strategy & goal setting.

👁 New perspectives; the collaboration of different business people, each with their own unique experiences and perspectives, will inevitably allow you to look at your own situations from fresh perspectives.

🗣 Honest, objective, valuable feedback; people in your usual support network or even within your organisation will inevitably be ‘kinder’ with their opinions. In a safe, confidential environment you can be completely open about whatever you are facing and receive genuine, constructive feedback, without the sugar coating!

We have Non-Disclosure Agreements ready to give you confidence in the confidentiality.





The details


Crewe Hall, and we are still confirming dates but it is likely to be the 3rd Thursday of every month; we have some flexibility on this though so we are waiting to see if there is a preferred day for the first 6 who sign up.


The price for 12-month membership is just £300+VAT per month, with a discount of £600 if you pay up front for the year.

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